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Smoked Fish Fettuccine Recipe

Whenever I visited the local French market, La Cigale (opens every Saturday and Sunday) in Parnell, one of the things that I like to buy from there is the smoked fish. The smoked fish from this particular stall provides the freshest smoked fish in my opinion. I always feels very reluctant to buy smoked fish… Continue reading Smoked Fish Fettuccine Recipe

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Dried Shrimp and Chive Crepe Recipe

Whenever crepes is mentioned, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? I am sure many of us will think of the sweet French crepes, which are popular throughout the world. One of my favourite topping for the sweet French crepes is the basic ones which serves with lemon and sugar. And another… Continue reading Dried Shrimp and Chive Crepe Recipe

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Basic Prawn Fritters Recipe

Prawns, are always nice to eat when it is fresh and cooked the right way. Fresh prawns will have natural sweetness and crunch to it.   The last time I had really really fresh and sweet prawns were during my trip to Noumea. One of the day, my husband and I was touring the Isle… Continue reading Basic Prawn Fritters Recipe

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Skinny Tuna Inari Sushi Recipe

Sometimes, when I tried to cut down on my carbohydrates intake, it always gets me thinking what should I have or cook. It's definitely not an easy decision to make. However, previously when I dined at a Korean buffet restaurant, I was served inari age stuffed with shredded cabbage instead of the sushi rice. After… Continue reading Skinny Tuna Inari Sushi Recipe