About Me

Kia ora! Welcome to my blog.

I am a food lover currently based in Auckland. Cooking is one of the hobby that I started to pick up seriously in 2011. Recipe books, online recipes and TV cooking shows are my knowledge sources that I learned throughout the years, and still continue learning.

After many trials and errors, I finally decided to start a blog to document all of my trial and tested recipes online for my own references. I started my recipe blogging through a new mobile blogging platform known as Dayre on 8th August 2014. Three weeks through my blogging journey, I was picked as an Editor’s Pick. I was surprise the Dayre community enjoyed reading my step by steps of recipe blogging.

I had previously known as TasteOfMalaysia, when I first started in Dayre. As a Malaysian, I thought it will be nice to have a name that is closed to my home, Malaysia to introduce the complex and amazing flavours in Malaysian food. As days gone by, I realised I do not only share the recipes of Malaysian food, but many other cuisines as well. Besides, the name TasteOfMalaysia seems to be commonly available at most places and that doesn’t give me a unique identity. So it got me thinking to create a better or new brand name for myself, which of course landed me with the name of Coaster Kitchen as you know today.

By changing the name doesn’t mean I don’t like the previous name or associated to Malaysia. Please don’t get me wrong! I am still a Malaysian and I love my hometown. I also love all the different varieties of Malaysian food that I had grew up with. The different ethnics that lives harmoniously in Malaysia had a lot of influence to all the complex and amazing flavours in all varities of Malaysian cuisines today. Of course, not to forget, the previous settler of the country such as British, Portuguese, Dutch and etc which had also their fair share in influencing the Malaysian cuisines. And in my opinion, the fusion cuisines which are widely known today had actually exists many many decades ago in Malaysia. For example, look at the Nyonya cuisines which had the mixtures influence of Malay, Chinese and Thai cuisine. Isn’t that fusion already?

All my recipes posted are tried and tested by myself. If there is any product or review mentioned in the post, they are not sponsored post! They are just some of the brands/ products that I loved to use it in my cooking/ baking. Do drop me a comment if there’s anything that you like to ask, and I will try my best to answer you within my knowledge. And if you ever tried out my recipes and like it, feel free to tag me in Dayre, Instagram or Facebook to share your photos with the #inspiredbycoasterkitchen. I hope all of you have an enjoyable coaster ride with all the recipes that I had posted, and have fun recreating it at your home kitchen.

Lastly, follow me on Dayre, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube too to get the latest updates about my blogs.



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