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Snake Beans Omelette Recipe

Malaysia is a country with hot and humid weather all year round as it is situated near the equator. Therefore, most local green vegetables are available whole year round. Unlike in NZ, with four different seasons each year, the vegetables are seasonal too. Therefore I always make sure I eat as much vegetables of that… Continue reading Snake Beans Omelette Recipe

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Soboro Donburi Recipe

Will you be busy in the coming weeks and finding it difficult to cook dinner at home? I have a very simple recipe that uses 3 different main ingredients that make up to a bowl of dinner that consists of vegetable, meat, egg and rice which will fill up your tummy in the easiest way.… Continue reading Soboro Donburi Recipe

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Skinny Tuna Inari Sushi Recipe

Sometimes, when I tried to cut down on my carbohydrates intake, it always gets me thinking what should I have or cook. It's definitely not an easy decision to make. However, previously when I dined at a Korean buffet restaurant, I was served inari age stuffed with shredded cabbage instead of the sushi rice. After… Continue reading Skinny Tuna Inari Sushi Recipe