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Malaysian Style Chicken Curry Recipe

Curry chicken is a favourite food of mine and goes really well with rice, roti canai, roti jala, bread and etc etc. There are so many different types of curry chicken just in Malaysia itself. Different ethnic have their own version, and it even varies from states to states. The same goes to different countries.… Continue reading Malaysian Style Chicken Curry Recipe

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Malay Style Chicken Curry Recipe

Growing up in Malaysia, a multi ethnic and multi cultural country, there are many different version of a particular dish with the same name. Just chicken curry itself,  there are many different types available depending on each household and ethnics. The different usage of spices and ingredients makes each chicken curry has it's own distinctive… Continue reading Malay Style Chicken Curry Recipe

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Stir Fry Sweet Soy Sauce Chicken Recipe

As someone who loves being in the kitchen, cooking my own or my family's favourite dishes, I too have my fair share of time for being lazy. Some dishes needed just so much preparations, and thinking about that makes me not wanting to cook it at times. And sometimes the thought of cleaning up the… Continue reading Stir Fry Sweet Soy Sauce Chicken Recipe

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Shredded Chicken Congee/ Porridge Recipe

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the word congee/ porridge? Many people associate it as a sick/ ill person's comfort food. Why is that so? The long cooking time had disintegrated the rice components making it so much easier to digest as compared to other food. However, for myself,… Continue reading Shredded Chicken Congee/ Porridge Recipe