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Plain Soba Noodles Soup Recipe

Do you know that in Japanese culture, soba noodles symbolizes longevity just like our Chinese "mee suah" (flour vermicelli/ longevity noodles/ 面线) ? However, unlike the Chinese custom where the longevity noodles are eaten during birthday celebrations, it's customary for the Japanese to eat soba noodles during the evening of New Year's Eve which started… Continue reading Plain Soba Noodles Soup Recipe

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Singapore Style Fried Vermicelli Recipe

It's day 1 of 365 in the year of 2017.   I hereby wishing all my readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May all good and wonderful things fall upon you this year.   Setting new resolutions for this year? I don't specifically make any resolutions each year, but I hope I will get my momentum… Continue reading Singapore Style Fried Vermicelli Recipe

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Stir Fry Rice Rolls with X.O. Sauce Recipe

Rice rolls, a.k.a cheong fun or chee cheong fun (猪肠粉/ 肠粉), is widely available around Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and certain part of Indonesia. It is usually made from rice flour and water, where a steamer is covered with muslin cloth and the batter is spread on top of a muslin cloth. Once… Continue reading Stir Fry Rice Rolls with X.O. Sauce Recipe

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Maggi Mee Goreng Recipe

Maggi mee goreng or more commonly known as Maggi goreng, which means stir fry instant noodles, is widely available at mamak (Indian Muslim) food stalls around Malaysia. Why it is named as Maggi goreng? Not other brand but a specific and particular brand, Maggi. This is because Maggi brand instant noodles are used to make… Continue reading Maggi Mee Goreng Recipe