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Pumpkin Curry Recipe

Did you have a good Halloween on Monday? Halloween isn't that big here in NZ. There are very few houses that decorated their outdoor with Halloween theme as compared to Christmas. Nevertheless, there are still some Halloween events that went on in some offices, cafe and restaurants. Pumpkin is one of the decorations that you… Continue reading Pumpkin Curry Recipe

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Indonesian Style Fried Rice Recipe

Of all the three dishes featured on the plate, which of it looks more appealing to you? All three dishes looks appealing to me, the combinations of flavour too is quite balanced in my opinion. The sweetness from the satay, the spicy and tangy flavour from the acar, and the fragrant spices in the fried… Continue reading Indonesian Style Fried Rice Recipe

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Stir Fry Sweet Soy Sauce Chicken Recipe

As someone who loves being in the kitchen, cooking my own or my family's favourite dishes, I too have my fair share of time for being lazy. Some dishes needed just so much preparations, and thinking about that makes me not wanting to cook it at times. And sometimes the thought of cleaning up the… Continue reading Stir Fry Sweet Soy Sauce Chicken Recipe